Marketing Solutions

Brand Development

Brand development for our products within the Sri Lankan market is important to us and it is one of the many services that we provide for our portfolio of global brands. We have developed numerous mechanisms and strategies to ensure efficient and optimum brand development.

These mechanisms and strategies include:

Customized Business Solutions

Representing over 50 major global brands in Sri Lanka, we understand that every brand in our portfolio is different. This is why, we at Hemas Pharmaceuticals, approach each brand with customized business solutions to ensure success and minimize risks in the market.

Our Customized Business Solutions include:

We have a business development team with experience in various specialities for example medical, commercial, surgical and OTC backgrounds. This allows us to perform extensive and effective market analysis and create a strategy to ensure effective adoption of a brand in the market.

Given that our business includes products that have impacts on people’s health and well-being, we are strongly committed to ethical marketing. For this we have an experienced and sensitive marketing team that can effectively market products using ethical principles. Our strategies are able to generate customer interest whilst building strong relationships with the customer and creating value for all stakeholders while also taking social and environmental considerations into account.

When marketing OTC products, it is important to adopt an approach that resonates with the customer, because it’s a highly competitive space and sales cycles are short. Our experienced marketing team is able to create campaigns that create emotional connections with the audience through the use of positive storytelling. This coupled with our extensive market research capabilities and analytics can create strong messages for our products that will help them stay on consumers’ minds.

After executing a marketing campaign it is essential to measure and assess the effectiveness and success of the campaign. Our marketing team regularly conducts post marketing evaluation exercises using the most modern methods including our MIS to evaluate and assess each campaign’s success. This information is then used to create a positive feedback loop with new campaigns that follow, thus cementing the position of our brands as leaders in the market.

Each product that we include in our portfolio undergoes its own individual assessment for its needs and requirements. Based on our findings and the requirements of the brand, our team designs a customized operational model that is the best fit for a particular product.

Products at different stages in their lifecycle require different approaches in terms of marketing. Our seven decades of experience allow us to accurately assess the lifecycle stage of all products and create a marketing plan that is suited to each product, based on this assessment.

Due to the long-term relationships that Hemas Pharmaceuticals has maintained with the regulatory authorities for pharmaceuticals and related products in Sri Lanka, we are able to ensure registration efficiently and quickly. Our relationships and reputation also allow us to ensure that we are able to maintain registration status and other compliance related requirements effectively and efficiently.

Our extensive network, data gathering activities and analytics capabilities are able to provide treasure troves of business intelligence for our brands and our own teams. This information can then be used to respond to changing market and business conditions.

We run extensive training programmes for our people including Medical Reps Training, Strategic Selling, Orientation Programmes, Skills Based Training and OBT Training programmes for our most senior level cadre. Once we understand the talents and strengths of our people, we then deploy them into roles that are best suited for them, thus maximizing the potential of our people.

We have a team of in-house doctors who work with our sales reps and other staff to provide them with necessary training and education on the medical aspects of the products that we include in our portfolio. This allows our team to be highly knowledgeable about our products and to be able to answer any question effectively.

We maintain an extensive network and facilities including a hotline and dedicated team led by qualified medical doctors to monitor and respond to any incidents of adverse side-effects or other issues relating to the pharmaceuticals that we include in our portfolio. This is also a positive for compliance and registration requirements.

We are in a position to provide services for companies seeking to supply bulk raw materials for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals under licence in Sri Lanka. Our existing infrastructure is competent and capable of handling such a requirement efficiently and effectively.